Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou, referred to in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the provincial capital , located in China's southeast coast , the northern part of Zhejiang Province, the Qiantang River, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal at the southern end, is the Zhejiang political , economic , cultural and financial center , the Yangtze River Delta city group one of the central city, long Triangle Ninghang eco-economic zone node city, [1] one of  China's important e-commerce center . As of 2015, Hangzhou has nine districts, two counties, hosted two county-level cities, with a total area of 16596 square kilometers, built area of 701.8 square kilometers, the resident population of 9.018 million people [2]  , urbanization rate of 75.3 %. [3-4] 

Hangzhou since the Qin Dynasty set up since the county has been 2200 years of history, was Wu Yueguo and the Southern Song Dynasty capital, is one of China's seven ancient capitals . Because of the beautiful scenery, known as "paradise" reputation. Hangzhou benefited from the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the convenience of the port, as well as its own developed silk and food industry, the history was an important commercial distribution center. And later relying on the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway and other railway lines and Shanghai in the import and export trade driven, the rapid development of light industry.

Hangzhou cultural and cultural many, West Lake and its surrounding a large number of natural and cultural landscape remains . One of the main representative of the unique culture of West Lake culture, Liangzhu culture , silk culture , tea culture , and handed down many stories legend to become Hangzhou cultural representatives.

April 25, 2016, "First Financial Weekly" released a new Chinese city ranking list, the list of Hangzhou was defined as a new line of cities . [5]  2018 World Short Swimming Championship [6]  , 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games [7]  will be held in Hangzhou .

  • Chinese name

  • Hangzhou

  • Foreign language name

  • Hangzhou City

  • Alias

  • Lin'an , Qiantang , martial arts , Hangzhou

  • Administrative category

  • Prefecture-level city [8] 

  • district belong to

  • Huadong Region

  • Under the jurisdiction of the area

  • 9 districts, 2 counties, hosted 2 county-level city

  • Government resident

  • No. 18 Jiefang East Road, Jianggan District (Post Code: 310026) [9] 

  • Phone area code

  • (+86) 0571

  • Zip code

  • 310000

  • Location

  • Zhejiang northern province, Qiantang River, the southern end of the Grand Canal

  • Area

  • 16596 square kilometers

  • Population

  • 9,018,000 (2015)

  • Dialect

  • Wu language Taihu film, emblem Yanzhou film

  • Climatic conditions

  • Subtropical monsoon climate

  • famous scenery

  • West Lake , Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal , Xixi Wetland , Lingyin Temple , Liuhe Tower , Liangzhu Site , Xianghu , etc.

  • Airport

  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport


  • Hangzhou Station , Hangzhou East Station , Hangzhou South Railway Station , etc.

  • License plate code

  • Zhejiang A

  • GDP

  • 1105.49 billion yuan (2016)

  • Per capita GDP

  • 112268 yuan (2015) [10] 

  • Built area

  • 701.8 square kilometers (2015)

  • Institutions of higher learning

  • Zhejiang University , China Academy of Fine Arts , Zhejiang University , etc. [11] 

  • Current leader

  • Zhao Yide , Zhang Hongming , Wang Jincai , Ye Ming

  • City tree, city flower

  • Camphor , sweet-scented osmanthus

  • City song

  • " Dream heaven "

  • Administrative code

  • 330100

  • City grading

  • New Line City [5] 

table of Contents

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  2. 2 administrative divisions

  3. 3 Geographical environment

  4. ▪ Location

  5. ▪ Hydrology

  6. ▪ Climate

  7. ▪ landscape

  8. ▪ Resources

  9. 4 population

  10. 5 traffic

  11. ▪ Highway

  1. ▪ Railway

  2. ▪ Aviation

  3. ▪ Underground

  4. ▪ Water transport

  5. ▪ City traffic

  6. 6 politics

  7. 7 Economy

  8. ▪ Brief

  9. ▪ First industry

  10. ▪ Secondary industry

  11. ▪ Tertiary industry

  12. 8 education

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  2. ▪ Basic education

  3. ▪ Higher education

  4. 9 society

  5. ▪ Technology

  6. ▪ Medical

  7. ▪ Sports

  8. ▪ Environmental protection

  9. ▪ Friendly city

  10. 10 travel

  11. ▪ Overview

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  2. 11 culture

  3. ▪ dialects

  4. ▪ religion

  5. ▪ Venue

  6. ▪ Art

  7. ▪ Festival

  8. ▪ film and television

  9. 12 famous people

  10. 13 City honors




Xiaoshan across the lake bridge site excavation confirmed as early as 8,000 years ago there are human beings in this thriving, 5,000 years ago Yuhang Liangzhu culture known as the "dawn of civilization." Hangzhou before the Zhou Dynasty , is " the domain of Yangzhou ". Legend in the summer yu water

Qianjiang New Town

Qianjiang New Town

, The country is divided into Kyushu , the vast area south of the Yangtze River are widely known as Yangzhou. In the 21st century BC , Xia Yu South Tour, the General Assembly princes in the Hueiji (now Shaoxing ), had a boat sailing through here, and homes its Hang ("Hang" is the ark) here, hence the name " Yuhang ." One said, Yu to this boat to cross, the more people called here "Yu Hang", then, according to legend, "Yu" as "Yu", is the name "Yuhang." Spring and Autumn Period , Wu Yue two hegemony, Hangzhou is the first, after the Wu, the more off after Wu, complex is more. Warring States , Chu off the country , Hangzhou and into the Chu. [12] 

Qin unified six countries, in the spirit of the foothills set up county governance, said Qian Tang, is Huiji County . " Historical Records Qin Shi Huang Ji Ji " records: "thirty-seven years in October Gui Chou, the emperor travel ... ... Danyang , to the money Tang, Lin Zhejiang, the water evil ... ..." This is the earliest records of "money Tang" in the name The At that time or with the tide of the beach, the West Lake has not yet formed. [12] 

Western Han Cheng Qin system, Hangzhou still called money Tang . New Mang was once changed money Tang for the spring Pavilion ; to the Eastern Han Dynasty , home money Qianxian County , is Wu Jun . At this time Hangzhou farmland water conservancy began to take shape, and from the gem mountain to Wan Songling built the first seawall , the West Lake began to cut off with the sea, as the lake. [12]  Han Geography records: Qian Tang, the western governor of governance . Wulin Mountain, Wulin water out of the East into the sea, line eight hundred and thirty years, Mang said spring Pavilion. ... [13] 

Three Kingdoms , Jin Dynasty , Hangzhou belongs to Wu County, owned by the ancient Yangzhou . Eastern Han salty and the first year (326 years), Indian Buddhism Hui Li in the flying peak built under the Lingyin Temple , West Lake is the most ancient jungle architecture. Liang Taiqing three years (549 years), Hou liter money Tangxian County of Riverside County . Chen Zhenming the first year (587 years), and home money Tang County , jurisdiction money Tang, in the potential, Fuyang, Metro, Tonglu, is Wuzhou . [14] 

After the establishment of the Sui Dynasty, in the imperial nine years (589 years) waste state for the state, "Hangzhou" for the first time. And Tonglu into Tang County, under the jurisdiction of money Tang, Yuhang , Fuyang, salt officials, in the potential, Wu Kang six counties. State governance in Yuhang, the next year Qian Qian Tang. Open emperor eleven years, in the Phoenix Hill mountain fortification, "Wednesday sixteen ninety steps", which is the first Hangzhou city Big cause three years (607 years), changed to Yuhang County . Six years, Yang Su chisel Jiangnan Canal , from Jiangsu Zhenjiang , the Suzhou , Jiaxing and other places and reach Hangzhou, a total length of more than 400 kilometers , since then, Gong Chenqiao become the Grand Canal starting point. Hangzhou leap and "throat Wu Yue, potential Xionghai", established its Qiantang River in the lower reaches of the transport hub of the status. "Water flatter service, land control mountain Yi". [15]  This important geographical location , promote the rapid development of Hangzhou's economic and cultural. Yuhang County, then a household 15380, Hangzhou account statistics began. [12] 

Qianjiang New Town

Qianjiang New Town

Tang Dynasty, home Hangzhou County, spin to change Yuhang County, where the money Tang. Due to avoid the country taboo, in the four years (621 years) to change the "money Tang" as " Qiantang ". Taizong is Jiangnan Road, Tianbao the first year (742 years) re-Yuhang County, Jiangnan host . The first year of the yuan (758 years) and changed to Hangzhou, Zhejiang West Road Jiedushi, state governance once in Qiantang, jurisdiction Qiantang, salt officials, Fuyang , Metro, Yuhang, Lin'an, in the potential, Tangshan eight counties. [12]  to the late Tang Dynasty, Hangzhou is a "parallel Qiang twenty miles, openly thirty thousand rooms," the prosperity of the scene. Each year the court from Hangzhou, the tax received by up to 500,000 cord, accounting for almost 4% of the national revenue. In the Yuan and eight years (812) the central government appointed Lu Yuanfu for the Hangzhou provincial governor of the text has appeared in the "Jiangnan County, Yuhang for the big" praise. [16] 

During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms , Wu Yueguo was southeast and built in Hangzhou. At that time, in Hangzhou, governance in Qiantang, jurisdiction Qiantang, Qianjiang, salt officials, Yuhang, Fuchun, Tonglu, in the potential, new Deng, Yokoyama, Wukang ten counties. The In the three generations of Wu Yue, five emperors under the rule of 85 years, through the hard work of the people to open up the construction of Hangzhou, the development of a national economic prosperity and cultural blend of land. Ouyang Xiu in the "possession of the Church in mind, " there is such a description: "Qiantang since the Five Dynasties, do not bother, the people happy rich and happy. More than ten thousand, the ring to the mountain , around the map, and the sea merchants, Park, access to tobacco between Margaret Tao dark and quiet can be described as Sheng carry on! " Yue Wang Qian liu in Hangzhou phoenix Mountains to build a" son of the city ", built palaces, as a national government, but also in the periphery of the building of the" Rochester ", around 70 As a defense. According to "Wu Yue prepared history" records, the capital, west of Qin Wangshan, along the Qiantang River to the dry river, near the Qiantang Lake (West Lake) to the gem mountain, northeast to the Genshan door . To shape the drum, so there are "waist drum city," said. [12] 

Wu Yue Wang attached to the construction of water conservancy, cited the West Lake water into the city canal; in the Qiantang River, the use of "stone storage pile method" to build more than 100 years in the revetment of the seawall; also along the Qiantang River to build Longshan , Zhejiang two gate, , Reduce the tide, expand flat land .

Hangzhou beauty

Hangzhou beauty (14 photos)

 The use of migrant workers chisel Pingjiang in the beach, so that the channel flow, and promote the water along the coast with the traffic. [12] 

In the Northern Song Dynasty , Hangzhou for the two Zhejiang Road Road governance . Chunhua five years (994 years), change the military number for the Ninghai army Jiedushi. The first year of the Grand Canal (1107 years) rose to Shuai Fu, jurisdiction Qiantang, Renhe, Yuhang, Lin'an, in the potential, Changhua, Fuyang, new Deng , salt officials nine counties. At that time the population has reached more than 20 million households, one of the most populous counties in the south. Economic prosperity, textile, printing, wine, paper industry are more developed, further development of foreign trade, is one of the four major commercial port. Hangzhou served as local officials, attaches great importance to the West Lake remediation. Yuan You four years (1089), the famous poet Su Dongpo any state of Hangzhou , once dredging the West Lake, with the excavated feng mud, piled across the north and south of the long embankment (Su Di), there are six bridges, , Liu, hibiscus , so that the West Lake more landscaping. And opened Maoshan , salt bridge two rivers, and then sparse six wells, so that halogen is not into the market, people drink it. [12]  According to "Song" volume 88 "Geography" set, the Northern Song Dynasty Chongning years (1101-1106) account number and Yuanfeng years roughly equal, the number of households reached 203574, the number of 296615. Song Renzong has a poem to give Mei know Hangzhou in praise of Hangzhou for the first southeastern state.

It can be seen, before the Southern Song Dynasty capital, Hangzhou is the largest population in the south of the city.

After more than 150 years of development of the Northern Song Dynasty, to the Southern Song Dynasty, began the heyday of Hangzhou. Southern Song Jian Yan three years (1129 years) was promoted to Lin'an government , where the treatment of Qiantang. Jurisdiction jurisdiction Qiantang, Renhe, Lin'an, Yuhang, Yu Qian, Changhua, Fuyang, Metro, Salt Palace

Hangzhou city building photos

Hangzhou urban construction photos (10 photos)

 Nine counties, geography and the Tang Dynasty roughly equal. Shaoxing eight years (1138) are in this, Hangzhou city wall and thus a major event expansion, was divided into inner and outer city. Within the city, that is, the Imperial City , radius of nine miles, surrounded by Phoenix Mountain , north Fengshan Gate, south of dry river, west Wan Songling, east of the tide door , within the imperial city, the building hall, hall, floor, there are many palace and the Imperial Garden . Outside the city south of Wushan , north cut martial arts door , right even the West Lake, left Qiantang River, magnificent momentum. City gate 13, outside the city has a moat . As many people in the north moved north with the court, the population of Lin'an increased. To Xianchun years (1265 ~ 1274), the residents increased to more than 124,000 people (including the county). Hangzhou city where the Qiantang, Renhe two counties, the population has reached 43 million people. [12] 

Yuan to thirteen years (1276), set up two Zhejiang Dudu Fu House, but also set up to appease the Secretary , fifteen years (1278) or Hangzhou Road, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces provincial capital.

Ming change Hangzhou Road for the Hangzhou House, Zhejiang Province for the government to govern the government.

Qing Dynasty ancestral Shunzhi 2 years (1645), set the governor of Zhejiang, in Hangzhou, the first year of the ancestral reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662), Zhejiang Chengxian administrative commission to Zhejiang province, Hangzhou for the provincial capital.

At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, in the west of Hangzhou along the West Lake to build "flag camp", commonly known as " city ". The city is surrounded by ten miles south to the Kaiyuan Road , north of the court road, east of Zhongshan Road near the west, including the lake park , and the provision of six gates, a total area of 1436 acres, as Hangzhou's "city" Year demolition). Yongzheng two years (1724), Jiaqing five years (1800), Zhejiang Governor Li Wei , governor Ruan Yuan has once again dredged the West Lake, dug a large number of feng mud, so that the lake deepened a few feet. Hangzhou population continues to increase. Guangxu nine years (1883), Hangzhou city has 62 million people. Twenty-one years Guangxu, the Qing government failed in the Sino-Japanese war , was forced to sign the " Treaty of Shimonoseki ", Hangzhou opened for the Japanese commercial and commercial port , Gong Chenqiao opened for the Japanese concession . With the capitalist forces of invasion and the Westernization Movement rise of modern industry in Hangzhou has gradually developed. [12] 

The first year of the Republic of China (1912), waste Hangzhou House, the merger of Qiantang, Renhe County for the county , is still the capital of the seat. Republic of 3 years (1914) set up the system, home Qiantang Road, Road Yin Hang County. The original jurisdiction of the county government under the jurisdiction of the county. Republic of China for 16 years (192

Hangzhou Tonglu

Hangzhou Tonglu (5 photos)

 7) waste system, precipitation out of Hangzhou County, Hangzhou City, directly under the Zhejiang Province ; the suburbs are still Hang County, the former belong to the provinces directly under the province. Since then, Hangzhou established for the city of the system, the urban area is divided into eight districts. At this time, Hangzhou has a few modern industries, such as the founder of the yarn factory in 1897 (Hangzhou first cotton textile mill predecessor), the larger; then Lu Jixing set up match factory, paper mills, the traditional Handmade silk industry has gradually adopted mechanical transmission. 1909-1914, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Ningbo railway have been completed ; full length of 1453 meters Qiantang River Bridge completed in 1937. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, the unconditional resumption of the Gongcheng Bridge . [12] 

From the Opium War after more than 100 years, the national weakness, people's livelihood, Hangzhou city disrepair, industry and commerce is also difficult, many attractions in the West Lake, most of the broken, and some have been destroyed. May 3, 1949, Hangzhou was a new student. [12] 

After the 1950s, the regional scope of Hangzhou has undergone constant changes. First, the original eight districts were renamed as the city , in the city , under the city , Jianggan District , West Lake District , Genshan District, Gongshu District , the majority of the bridge area; Subsequently, Genshan District into the city, Jian Bridge into Jianggan District , Most of the city into the city area, a small part into the city. [17]  , in 1958 April Hangxian revoked as a suburb of Hangzhou, in January 1960 to establish Qiantang Associated Press, March 1961 Yuhang County into Hangzhou Qiantang Associated Press, the establishment of a new Yuhang County. [18] 

In early 1990, half of the mountain and Gongshu District merged to set up a new Gongshu District. [17] 

In 1994, Hangzhou upgraded to sub-provincial cities .

December 12, 1996, Hangzhou, the newly established Binjiang District . County is Xiaoshan , Tonglu , Yuhang , Lin'an , Jiande , Fuyang , Chun'an seven counties (cities). [17] 

March 12, 2001, the Hangzhou municipal government officially announced by the State Council and the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government approved

Hangzhou People 's Government resident relocation map

Hangzhou People 's Government resident relocation map

Revocation Xiaoshan and Yuhang, while the establishment of Xiaoshan District and Yuhang District, Hangzhou, and the original six districts of Hangzhou together to form a new, adjusted Hangzhou new urban area increased from six to eight zones. [17] 

December 13, 2014, approved by the State Council , the abolition of Fuyang City, the establishment of Hangzhou Fuyang District . Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, the ninth city area.

October 1, 2016, approved by the State Council and the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government approved the approval of the Hangzhou Municipal People's Government resident by the Gongshu District Ring Road 318 moved to Jianggan District Jiefang East Road on the 18th. [9] 

Administrative divisions

Hangzhou City, a total area of 16596 square kilometers, of which the municipal area of 4876 square kilometers, administer 9 municipal districts, 2 counties, hosted two county-level city , a total of 84 streets, 86 towns, 23 townships; 946 Community, 2069 administrative villages; of which the city area a total of 73 streets, 42 towns, 882 communities, 942 administrative villages.

October 1, 2016, the Hangzhou Municipal People's Government resident by the Gongshu District Ring Road 318 moved to Jianggan District Jiefang East Road on the 18th. [9] 



(square kilometer)


(Million people)

Population density of

( Person / square kilometers )

Urban area4876712.281461
Downtown area3153.4317235
Jianggan District210102.184866
Gongshu District8856.66432
West Lake District26383.73183
Riverside District7332.914508
Xiaoshan Strict1163154.21326
Yuhang District1222121.17992
Fuyang District180872.82403
Tonglu County178041.18231
Chun'an County445234.2677
Jiande City236443.83185
Lin'an City312457.65185

Street community

CountyGovernment residentUnder the jurisdiction of the street or town

Gongshu District

Taizhou Road No. 1Mishi Lane Street , hushu Street , Creek Street , harmony street , gongchenqiao street , mark street , Mid-Levels Street , Cambridge Street , Tong Street , Xiangfu Street


Huimin Road No.3Qingbo streets , lakeside streets , small business streets , Wangjiang streets , Southern Star Street , Ziyang streets

Downtown area

Wenhui Road No. 1Wulin Street , Tianshui Street , Zhaohui Street , Chao Ming Street , Changqing Street , Shiqiao Street , Dongxin Street , Wenhui Street

Jianggan District

Qingchun East Road on the 1stTriumph Street , mining street , Poplar street , Xiasha street , Zhanongkou street , Sijiqing street , Jianqiao street , Peng port street , nine Fort street , Dinglan street

West Lake District

Zhejiang University Road No. 1

West Lake Street , Beishan Street , Xixi Street , Lingyin Street , Tsui Court Street , Wen Xin Street , Gudang Street , Tangtang Street , leaving the streets , Jiangcun streets , Sandun Town , Shuangpu Town

Riverside District

Tonghe RoadPuyan Street , West Hing street , river street

Xiaoshan Strict

Jincheng Road 685City Street , North Street , Shushan Street , Xintang Street , Jingjiang Street , Nanyang Street , Hezhuang Street , Yi Peng Street , New Bay Street , Riverside Street , Walking Street, New Street Street, Ning Wai Street , Weiyan Street ; Linpu , meaning town , Dai village , river town , floor tower town , Pu Township , evolution of the town , town of Kuala Lek , project for the town , Party town , AgroSciences town , by the former town

Yuhang District

33 West StreetJingping Street , Nanyuan Street , Donghu Street , Xingqiao Street , Wuchang Street ; Qiao Si Street , Chongxian Street , Yuhang Street , Changlin Street , Qianqian Street , Liangzhu Street , Canal Street , Renhe Street , Zhongtai Street , Tangxi town , Pingyao town , cormorants Bird town , Huang town , Baizhang town , town Trail
Fuyang District [19] Osmanthus West Road on the 25thFuchun Street , Tung Chau Street , Spring Street , Lushan Street , Silver Lake Street ; field Town , often Changan , Wan town , Cave Town , kou town , new town board , Lu Zhu Town , Hope Town , Great source of the town , the town of evergreen , Longmen town , in town , Yongchang town ; Central Township , Lake Township, source , Shangguan township , fishing Township , spring Jian Township , new Tongxiang

Tonglu County

Yingchun South Road, No. 298Tongjun Street , south of the street , the old county streets , Feng Chuan Street ; Township , Fuchun River town , cross town , 100 Town , Yao Lin Town , Jiangnan Town ; Zhongshan Township , New Hopewell Township , co-Village , Curcuma Hill She Nationality Township .

Chun'an County

Xin'an North Road on the 18thLake Town , Pro Toki town , Granville Township , Chia town , Fen Town , a large villa in the town , Zitong town , in Qianzhou , Wenchang town , Stone Town , Maple Zhen ; screen door Township , Long Plain Township , Anyang Township , Wang Fu Township , where business Township , Jinfeng Township , Yao Shan , Song village , dove Kengxiang , left the rural population , rich text Township , Jieshou Township

Jiande City

Xin'an Road No. 1Yangxi streets , more street floor , Xin'anjiang Street ; plum town , Xiaya town , Yangcun Town , dry Tan Zhen , three towns , Shouchang , Datong Town , Hang Town , Li town , the ocean town , the town of Lotus , Daci rock the town ; Qin Tang Xiang

Lin'an City

Yijin Street, No. 398Jincheng Street , Jinbei Street , Jinnan Street , Linglong Street , Castle Peak Lake Street ; Banqiao Town , Gaohong Town , Taihuyuan Town , Yuqian Town , Tianmu Town , Sun Town , Qianchuan Town , Changhua Town , Longgang Town , river town , turbulent town , cool town , island stone town

Geographical environment


Hangzhou is located in the southeast coast of the northern part of China, Zhejiang, Northern Province, east of Hangzhou Bay , and Shaoxing City phase, southwest and Quzhou City phase, North and Huzhou City, Jiaxing City, adjacent to the southwest of Anhui Province, Huangshan City, at the junction of the northwest and Anhui Province Xuancheng City handover. [20] 

Geographic coordinates for the coordinates of longitude 118 ° 21'-120 ° 30 ', latitude 29 ° 11'-30 ° 33'. The geographical coordinates of the city center are longitude 120 ° 12 ', latitude 30 ° 16'. [20] 

Hangzhou city origin (zero kilometers mark) located in the upper city of Lagerstroemia garden coordinates origin. The origin of Ziyai Park coordinates from 1913 onwards as the center of Hangzhou. The buildings , roads, waterways and monuments in the city can be marked according to the origin and the distance from the origin. [twenty one] 


Hangzhou has a river, river, lake, mountain blend of the natural environment. The city's hills and mountains accounted for 65.6% of the total area, the plains accounted for 26.4%, rivers, rivers, lakes, reservoirs accounted for 8%, the world's longest artificial canal - Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the big tide through the famous Qiantang River. [20] 


West Lake overlooking

West Lake overlooking

Hangzhou is in the subtropical monsoon area, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall. The average annual temperature of 17.8 ℃, the average relative humidity of 70.3%, annual precipitation of 1454 mm, the annual sunshine hours 1765 hours. Summer hot weather, moist, is one of the new four stoves . [22]  On the contrary, the winter is cold and dry. Pleasant weather in spring and autumn, the tourism golden season. [20] 


West Lake in March

West Lake in March

Hangzhou is located in the southern Yangtze River Delta and Qiantang River Basin, the terrain is complex and diverse. Hangzhou west of the western Zhejiang hilly area, the main mountains are Tianmu Mountain and so on. The eastern part of the plains of northern Zhejiang, low-lying, river network clouds, lakes, rich products, with a typical "Jiangnan Water" characteristics. [twenty three] 


Qianjiang New Town

Qianjiang New Town

Hangzhou rich products, known as " Yumizhixiang ", "Silk of the House", " paradise on earth " reputation. Agricultural production conditions be richly endowed by nature, crops, trees, livestock and poultry species, planting fruit, tea mulberry, flowers and other varieties of more than 260, Hangzhou sericulture, West Lake Longjing tea known throughout the country. [25] The  city's forest area of 1635.27 million mu, the forest coverage rate of 64.77%. [26] 

There are 10 species of terrestrial wild animals at the national level, 64 species of secondary ones, 3 species of protected plants at the national level and 18 species of secondary ones. Mineral resources are medium and large nonmetallic and metal deposits . Lin'an , Changhua produced bloodstone , for the collection of stone and Indian stone in the treasures. [25] 


Beautiful Hangzhou

Beautiful Hangzhou (20 photos)

At the end of 2015, the city's resident population of 9.018 million people [2]  , an increase of 12.6 million over the previous year, of which 66.242 million urban population, accounting for 74.3% from the end of last year increased to 74.9%; population birth rate of 10.6%. , The natural population growth rate of 4.12%. The Public security departments registered population of 706.61 million, of which non-agricultural population of 393.88 million, accounting for 54.8% from the end of last year increased to 55.7%; population birth rate of 10.07%. , The natural population growth rate of 4.73%. [27] 

According to the "Hangzhou City, the sixth census of the main data bulletin" (2011), Hangzhou resident population outside the city population of 2,354,400 people, accounting for 27.06%, the city's resident population, with college (referring to college and above) Of the population of 164.27 million; with high school (including secondary) education level of 154.17 million people; with junior high school education population of 277.03 million; with a primary education level of 197.21 million people (more than all kinds of education The degree of people, including all kinds of school graduates, undergraduate students and students). The population of university culture is 100,881; the population with high school education is 17720; the population with junior high school education is 31841; the population with primary education is 22667. The city's resident population, the illiterate population (15 years of age and above illiterate people) to 324,100 people. The city's resident population, living in the town's population of 637.27 million, accounting for 73.25%; living in the rural population of 232.77 million, accounting for 26.75%.

Hangzhou Han -based, ethnic minority scattered living. When the third national census in 1982, the city has Han, She, Hui, Manchu, Mongolian, Zhuang , Miao , Korean, Dong, Tujia, Buyi, Gaoshan, Dai, Yao, Yi, Wa, aquarium , Uygur, Bai, Daur, Tibetan, Li, Tatar, Lisu , Naxi, Xibo, Russian and other 27 ethnic groups. In addition to the Han population of 26 ethnic minority population of 13,383 people, accounting for 0.25% of the city's total population. Hangzhou, the majority of ethnic minorities generally speak Chinese, with Chinese name, clothing, living habits are also roughly the same with the Han. [20] 




Hangzhou city traffic map - the latest erlinyou version

Hangzhou city traffic map - the latest erlinyou version

At the end of 2014, the total mileage of highway in Hangzhou reached 16024.48 km, of which highway 581.68 km. [28] 

Hangzhou Bus Terminal



Hangzhou Automobile Passenger Center Station

No.339, Desheng East Road, Jiubao Town, Jianggan District

Hangzhou West Bus Station

West Lake District Tianmu Mountain Road , No. 357

Hangzhou North Bus Station

Gongshu District Moganshan Road 766

Hangzhou South Bus Station

Uptown Qiutao Road 407 (near Dongbao Road)

Hangzhou Linping (long distance) car North Station

Hangzhou Yuhang District Starlight Street 865

Xiaoshan long - distance bus terminus

Xiaoshan Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City , No. 838


The existing lines include the Shanghai-Kunming line (Zhejiang and Jiangxi section, Shanghai and Hangzhou section), Xiao Yong line, declared Hang line . High speed iron

Hangzhou East Station

Hangzhou East Station

Road, the existing Shanghai-Hangzhou passenger line , Ninghang passenger line , Hangzhou-Ningbo passenger line , December 10, 2014, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail Hangzhou to Nanchang section of the official opening operation, and Nanchang to Changsha has been opened operations. At this point, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail line from Hangzhou to Changsha across the board. Hangzhou became China's first high-speed rail city. [29] 

Hangzhou station is located in the city on the Ring Road, was built in November 14, 1906 (then called Qingtai station), because the site in the city of Hangzhou Qingtai door, so the local media and the public generally called "city station"; The latest Hangzhou station was reconstructed on the basis of the old station in the dismantling of the 40's Japanese occupation in 1997, which was opened on December 28, 1999, for the railway station under the Shanghai Railway Bureau. Hangzhou station for the 5 9 lines, a number of stations can be docked EMU. The origin of the train bound for all directions to the surrounding Shanghai , Ningbo ,

Hangzhou East Station

Hangzhou East Station (6 photos)

 Wenzhou majority. Hangzhou station in 2004 to send 14.62 million passengers, reaching 12.83 million passengers. Hangzhou Metro Line 1 in this "city station" station, the future of Hangzhou Metro Line 5 will also be this station.

Hangzhou East Station is located in Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District, built in 1992; the latest Hangzhou East Station on July 1, 2013 enabled for the Shanghai Railway Bureau under the jurisdiction of the station . Station volume and Shanghai Hongqiao station quite, for the 15 30 lines, is China and Asia, one of the largest hub site. 2015 to send passengers 3.94 million passengers, reaching 515.3 million passengers; Hangzhou Metro Line 1 and Hangzhou Metro Line 4 in this "train station" station. [30] 

Hangzhou South Station formerly known as Xiaoshan station, located in Xiaoshan District Xintang street, 27 km from the Hangzhou station

Hangzhou South Railway Station

Hangzhou South Railway Station (5 photos)

 , Is now a special station , is the Shanghai-Kunming line and Xiao-line two-line hub. Hangzhou South Station planning the total number of passengers per day 45,000 people, the peak passenger traffic per hour 12000 people. Hangzhou South Station in July 2013 into the closed-door transformation stage, is expected to officially opened in 2017, when the Hangzhou Metro Line 5 will be set up here [31]  , the future of Hangzhou Metro Line 11 will also be stationed in the station.

site namelocationgradetraffic
Hangzhou East StationJianggan District

Principal station

Subway Line 1, Line 4, East Railway Station East Bus 864,320,9M, 107,48M, 93,108,123 Road, 123 Station Road, East Railway Station West 33,43,20,105,106 , 28,31,179 Road, East Railway Station West Bus Rapid Transit B4, B 3, B 5, East Railway Station West night bus 215,200,228,227,224 Road, taxi, East Plaza, long distance car, Xiaoshan Airport City Terminal
Hangzhou stationUptownFirst-class stationMetro Line 1, bus 3,7,11,21,39,49,88,90,100,100 interval, K155,185,188,290,300,525,528,900, Y2,116,140,849 Road, Bus Rapid Transit B3 line, night bus 200,210,210 range, 222,225,226 road, taxi
Yuhang stationYuhang DistrictSecond station

Subway Line 1, bus 763 [Yuhang high iron - Yu Gao], 786 (interval) [Yuhang high iron - Tangqi station], 761 (interval)) [Yuhang high iron - Linping North Station], 765 [Yuhang high iron - village】

Hangzhou South Railway StationXiaoshan StrictPrincipal station(In the upgrade)
Qiao stationYuhang DistrictFirst-class station (freight)
South Star Bridge StationUptownFirst-class station (freight)
Hangzhou North StationGongshu DistrictFreight station
Genshan gate stationDowntown areaFreight station


Xiaoshan International Airport

Xiaoshan International Airport

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is located in the eastern part of Hangzhou, Xiaoshan District Jingjiang streets , about 30 km from the city center. China's fourth largest international airport, one of China's top ten international airports, China's opening up a class of air ports and international Flight alternate airport, Zhejiang Province is the first air portal. [32] 

Xiaoshan International Airport has a 4E runway and a 4F runway, passenger throughput exceeded 22 million people (2013). In 2006, Hangzhou Airport and the "best airport in the world" - Hong Kong International Airport , a strategic comprehensive joint venture, which became the first mainland China's foreign joint venture airport, the end of 2012 T3 terminal use, the second runway Built, Xiaoshan Airport into the double runway airport club. In July 2014, the city terminal in Hangzhou East Railway Station was opened. In the near future, there will be more and more air in Xiaoshan airport construction base, opening more and more waypoints, "Air Big Mac" Airbus A380 will patronize Hangzhou. [32] 


Operational statusLine name and engineering phasemilageStarting pointTerminal
Operating lineHangzhou Metro Line 140.8 kmXianghu stationXiasha Riverside Station [33-34] 

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 (southeast section)

18.2 kmChaoyang stationQianjiang Road Station
Hangzhou Metro Line 4 (first pass section) [35] 9.6 km [36] Peng port stationNear river station
Under construction lineHangzhou Metro Line 2 (Northwest and Phase II)44.5 kmQianjiang Road StationLiangzhu station

Hangzhou Metro Line 4 (Phase I)

20.8 kmNear river stationPu along the station
Hangzhou Metro Line 5 (Phase I)
53.4 kmTechnology Island Station (Green Ting Road)Camphor road station
Hangzhou Metro Line 6 (Phase I)27 kmShuangpu Park StationFeng North Station
Hangsha Intercity Railway24 kmCamphor road station [37] Shaoxing Keqiao Flute Road
Hangzhou to Haining intercity railway48 kmYuhang high railway stationHaining Zhejiang University International Department
Hangzhou to Lin'an Intercity Railway35 kmTechnology Island Station (Green Ting Road)Lin'an Lingshan Road
Hang Fu Intercity Railway25 kmMaple Leaf Road Station [38] Fuyang West Business District
Plan the lineHangzhou Metro Line 1 (Phase III)11.5 km
Xiasha Riverside Station [39] Xiaoshan Airport
Hangzhou Metro Line 3 (a main line)43.8 kmWenyi West Road StationXingqiao Road Station
Hangzhou Metro Line 3 (feeder)8.4 km
Small and mountain station
Home station
Hangzhou Metro Line 4 (Phase II)23.4 km
Peng port stationJindu North Road Station
Hangzhou Metro Line 6 (Phase II)8.3 km
Feng North Station
Airport Road Station
Hangzhou Metro Line 7 (Airport Line)45 kmWushan Square Station<