Guilin Travel Guide

Guilin, referred to as "Gui" because osmanthus forest named after the world famous scenic city and state regional center of the city , [1]  of the State Council targeted first world-class tourist city , an international tourist destination , [1] National Hi-tech Technology industry base, China for Eurasian , connecting ASEAN 's regional cultural tourism important international city [1]  , " one way along the way " organic convergence of the integrated transport node. [1] United Nations World Tourism Organization Asia-Pacific Tourism Association Tourism Trends and Prospects International Forum, China - ASEAN Expo tourism exhibition permanent venue, but also directly under the Central Military Commission Guilin Joint Security Center resident. [2]   

Guilin is the first national historical and cultural city , there are nearly 2,200 years of history, is Guiliu Wen of the birthplace and prosperous land, gave birth to the Imperial Palace earlier than 34 years of Jingjiang King City , [3] Guihai Beilin , Lingqu and many other historical sites , Ten thousand years ago, Guilin Zengpi area appeared on the original tribe tribe " Zengpi rock people ." In modern times , Sun Yat-sen set up President Guilin and the Northern Expedition in Guilin. [4] During the war of resistance against Japan , Guilin became the earliest restoration of the capital city and the National Anti-Japanese Cultural Center. [5]     

Guilin is the world's karst peak forest landscape development of the most perfect, "Shanqing, Shui Xiu, Dong Qi, Shi Mei" Guilin landscape is the representative of Chinese landscape , the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a World Natural Heritage . [6]  Southern Song Dynasty to the southwest road Criminal Prison, House right thing Gong Wang in 1201 after a typical test Luming feast on impromptu poetry "Semiotic, jade green Biluo meaning can participate", from the landscape of Guilin is famous at home and abroad , Thousands of years to enjoy the " Guilin landscape Jia Tianxia " reputation. [7] 

November 28, 2012, with the consent of the State Council , the National Development and Reform Commission formally approved the " Guilin International Tourism Resort Construction and Development Plan", "outline" proposed by 2020, Guilin will become China's first world-class tourist city and international Tourist destination . [1] 

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  • Chinese name

  • Guilin

  • Foreign language name

  • Guilin (English)

  • Alias

  • Bangui

  • Administrative category

  • Prefecture-level city

  • district belong to

  • South China

  • Under the jurisdiction of the area

  • 6 districts, 9 counties, 2 autonomous counties

  • Government resident

  • No.39, Xicheng Middle Road, Lingui District

  • Phone area code

  • 0773

  • Zip code

  • 541000

  • Location

  • Northeastern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

  • Area

  • 2.78 million square kilometers

  • Population

  • 498.84 million (2016 resident population)

  • Dialect

  • Southwest Mandarin - Gui Liu Table - Guilin Dialect

  • Climatic conditions

  • Subtropical monsoon climate

  • famous scenery

  • Li River , Elephant Trunk Hill , Jingjiang King City , Folded Brocade Hill , Reed Flute scenic , seven scenic , Sun and Moon Twin Towers

  • Airport

  • Guilin Liangjiang International Airport


  • Station Guilin , Guilin North station ( Guilin North comprehensive transportation ), Guilin West Point , etc.

  • License plate code

  • Gui C

  • GDP

  • 2075.89 billion yuan (2016)

  • Reputation

  • Landscape of the world

  • City flower

  • Osmanthus

  • Famous university

  • Guangxi Normal University , Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology

  • Institutions of higher learning

  • Guilin University of Science and Technology , Air Force Airborne Army College

  • Administrative code

  • 450300

  • Built area

  • 165 square kilometers (January 2017)

  • Central City Population

  • 1.5 million (January 2017)

  • Current leader

  • Party Secretary : Zhao Le Qin   Mayor: Zhou Jiabin

  • Well - known secondary school

  • Guilin Middle School , Guangxi Normal University, and so on

  • landmark

  • Li Dong cbd, Pro Gui a museum and so on

  • City slogan

  • Guilin International Tourist Resort welcomes you

table of Contents

  1. 1 History

  2. 2 administrative divisions

  3. 3 Geographical environment

  4. ▪ Location

  5. ▪ Terrain

  6. ▪ Climate

  7. ▪ Soil

  8. 4 Natural resources

  9. ▪ Mineral resources

  10. ▪ water resources

  11. ▪ Biological resources

  12. 5 population

  1. 6 political profile

  2. 7 Economic Overview

  3. ▪ Overview

  4. ▪ Pillar industry

  5. ▪ Agriculture

  6. ▪ Industry

  7. Construction industry

  8. ▪ Business

  9. 8 Social undertakings

  10. ▪ Technology

  11. ▪ Education

  12. ▪ Cultural undertakings

  13. ▪ health care

  1. ▪ Sports

  2. ▪ Environment

  3. 9 Transportation

  4. ▪ Highway

  5. ▪ Railway

  6. ▪ Aviation

  7. ▪ Water transport

  8. ▪ Posts and Telecommunications

  9. 10 culture

  10. ▪ Cultural card

  11. ▪ Cultural heritage

  12. 11 travel

  13. ▪ time

  1. ▪ famous attractions

  2. ▪ Tourism industry

  3. ▪ Guilin high-speed rail

  4. ▪ Catering

  5. ▪ folk customs

  6. ▪ Featured products

  7. ▪ Celebrity evaluation

  8. 12 Historical events

  9. 13 City honors

  10. ▪ Domestic honor

  11. ▪ International honor

  12. 14 famous people


Guilin landscape of the world

Guilin landscape of the world

About ten thousand years ago, according to the urban treasure rock and Zengpiyan cave found relics research, Zengpi people have entered the matriarchal clan society stage.

Xia Shang Zhou period, here is the " Baiyue " people's place of residence .

Qin Shihuang (214 years ago) Guilin , like the county , the South China Sea three counties , which is the "Guilin" the earliest name, but the county is not today in Guilin. Then Guilin county government in Rib Mountain, located southwest of Guiping City today.

Han Yuan Ding six years (before 111 years, one said Yuan Ding four years, 113 BC), where the beginning of the county, under the Jingzhou Lingling County .

The Eastern Han Dynasty is the beginning of the country.

Three countries first Shu, after the return of Wu.

Ganlu the first year (265 years), home Shizhong County Shixian County, county and county are in this Guilin.

Southern changed to Guizhou .

Sui and Tang dynasties Lingnan Guizhou Explorer House.

Tang Wude four years (621 years), Li Jing repair city in the only show peak South.

Zhenguan eight years (634 years), renamed Lingui, Guizhou belongs to the beginning of Agu .

Photochemical three years (900 years), is Jingjiang Jiedushi.

Tang Dynasty local state, county. 45 states belong to Lingnan Guangzhou, Guizhou, permit the state , Yong Zhou , Annan five governorates (known as Lingnan five).

655 years later, 5 House are in Guangzhou, the governor called the five government (tube) by slightly, by the Guangzhou provincial governor.

Suzong to Germany six years (756 years), or five government gradually made for the Lingnan Jiedushi.

Yi Zong salty three years (862 years), Lingnan Road is divided into East, West Road, East Road, Guangzhou, West Road, Yongzhou. [8] 

Five dynasties and ten countries have Chu and the South Han Dynasty Guizhou.

Song, the former belongs to Guangnan West Road Guizhou, after the Jingjiang House.

Song Dynasty local administrative system shunt, state (government, army), county three.

Song Taizong to the Road three years (997 years), Guangnan Road is divided into Guangnan Road and Guangnan Road, East Road, where the rule of Guangzhou, West Road in Guizhou. [8] 

Yuan Jingjiang Road in Guangxi . Ming and Qing are Guangxi Guilin House .

1911 for the Guangxi government resident.

1914 (one said 1912) renamed Guilin County .

Guilin was founded in 1940.

November 1944 - July 1945, occupied for the Japanese invaders. After the restoration of Guangxi prefecture-level city.

In 1958, renamed Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Guilin, jurisdiction Guilin city and suburbs.

July 1, 1981, October 8, 1983, Yangshuo , Linguo was placed under the jurisdiction of Guilin.

February 3, 1990, the revocation of Gongcheng County, the establishment of Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County.

December 22, 1996, Guilin municipal government by the State Council, the autonomous region approved the program, the implementation of zoning adjustment, the suburbs changed its name to Yanshan District.

September 8, 1998, approved by the State Council, Guilin and Guilin area merged to form a new Guilin.

January 18, 2013, the revocation of Lingui County, the establishment of Guilin Lin Gui District. [9-10] 

Administrative divisions

Map of Guilin

Map of Guilin

Guilin City has jurisdiction over six municipal districts, nine counties, two autonomous counties , the public called "six city, eleven counties", that is, Xiufeng , Diecai , Qixing (high-tech), Xiangshan , Yanshan , Linggui and Lingchuan , Xing'an , Chonju , Guanyang , resources , Yongfu , Yangshuo , Lipu , Pingle County and Longsheng County , Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County . There are 165 township administrative districts . City People 's Government in Lincuang District . In 1995, the resource county was treated by the county. [9] 

April 9, 2013, " Guangxi Daily " second edition: "the State Council on the consent of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to adjust some of the administrative divisions of Guilin," has been released, agreed to revoke the county, the establishment of Guilin Lin Gui District; agreed to Guilin people Government resident from the current site of the mountain as the mountain on the 16th, moved to the south of the town of West Road, No. 69. [11] 

Guilin Administrative Division
Zoning codeZoning nameArea (square kilometers)Government residentZip code


Xiufeng District


Lijun street



Fold color area


North Gate Street



Like mountains


South Gate Street



Seven Star District


Li Dong Street



Yanshan District


Yanshan Street



Linggui District


Lingui town



Yangshuo County


Yangshuo town



Lingchuan County


Lingchuan town



Quanzhou County


Quanzhou New District



Xing'an County


Xing'an town



Yongfu County


Yongfu town



Guanyang County


Guanyang town



Longsheng ethnic autonomous county


Longsheng town



Resources County


Resources town



Pingle County


Pingle town



Lipu County


Li town



Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County


Gongcheng town


Geographical environment


Guilin is located in the southwest of Nanling Mountains, northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region , Xianggui Corridor at the southern end. Northeast and Hunan adjacent. Xianggui railway and Lijiang River runs through, in the construction of your high-speed railway across the whole territory, 321,322,323 three national highway through. East longitude 109 ° 36 'to 111 ° 29', latitude 24 ° 15 'to 26 ° 23', average elevation of 150 meters, north, northeast and Hunan junction, west, southwest and Liuzhou City , connected to the city , south, southeast surface and Wuzhou , Hezhou City connected. [12] 


Guilin is located in the southwest of Nanling Mountains, for the low mountain terrain, karst mountain, hills and Taiwan. Guilin is a typical karst topography, both sides high and low in central karst (karst) basins extending from northwest to southeast. [9] 


Guilin is located in the low latitude, is a subtropical monsoon climate. The climate is mild, abundant rainfall, long frost-free period, adequate light, rich in heat, summer long winter short, four distinct seasons and rain and heat basically the same quarter, the climatic conditions are very superior. The annual average temperature is 19.3 ℃. July the hottest, the average monthly temperature of 28 ℃, January the coldest, the average monthly temperature of 7.9 ℃. The average annual frost-free period of 309 days, the average annual rainfall of 1949.5 mm. The average evaporation of 1490 ~ 1905 mm. The average relative humidity is 73 ~ 79%. The wind direction to the north of the main wind, the average wind speed of 2.2 to 2.7 m / s. The average annual sunshine hours is 1670 hours. The average pressure is 994.9 hPa. [13] 


Guilin is located in the southwest of Nanling Mountain, is a red soil belt, mainly red soil. The pH is 4.5 to 6.5. According to its parent material can be divided into red loam, lime soil , purple soil, impact soil, paddy soil and other five soil types, 14 sub-class, 36 soil, 89 varieties. River alluvial sandy soil and paddy soil, soil deep, good farming, rice and vegetable high yield area. Medium lime soil and black lime soil, suitable for dryland crops and forestry production. [14] 

Natural resources

mineral resources

Guilin is rich in mineral resources, minerals are mainly hematite , pyrite , limonite , lead, zinc, tin , tungsten, aluminum, niobium, tantalum, manganese, talc, barite , fluorite, granite, Limestone, marble and so on more than 40 kinds, which proved a certain reserves of more than 30 kinds, located in Guangxi in the forefront of the 36 kinds of minerals, Guilin accounted for 17 species, including marble, granite, limestone, talc widely distributed, reserves Large, excellent quality, easy mining, the prospects are broad. [14] 

Water Resources

Guilin rivers clouds, there is the Lijiang River , the Xiangjiang River , luoqing jiang , Xun River , Zijiang 5 river, another tributary catchment area of 100 square kilometers of 65 Guilin average years of total 40.381 billion cubic meters of water, river Large gap, rich water resources. Water reserves of about 2.7 million kilowatts, the amount of development of 1.07 million kilowatts, the development potential is huge, has been completed in Asia, the first ultra-kilometer high water power station - Quanzhou Tianhu hydropower station and a number of hydropower stations. [14] 

Biological resources

Animal resources: Guilin City, a wide range of animals, there are 1593 species, belonging to 60 head 295 subjects. There are more than 400 kinds of terrestrial vertebrates, including clouded leopard , yellow belly juvenile, pangolin, civet cats , etc .; there are 144 kinds of aquatic organisms , precious salamander , eel and so on.

Plant resources: Guilin has more than 1,000 kinds of higher plants, including silver fir , ginkgo and other valuable species; natural vegetation to Pinus massoniana, the main urban areas to sweet-scented osmanthus trees, sweet-scented osmanthus is the city of Guilin flowers . Forestry production of Chinese fir and bamboo , Guilin forest area of 1,215,600 hectares, forest reserves of 37.7442 million cubic meters per year to provide more than 40 million cubic meters of wood, more than 1,600 million bamboo. [14] 

Population and nationalities

Guilin total population of 4.74 million people. The total area of 27,800 square kilometers, of which the city area of 2785 square kilometers, the municipal area population of 1.4 million people. Guilin has Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Miao and so on more than a dozen ethnic minorities, ethnic minority population of 734,700. [9] 

Population data of districts and counties in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Zoning name





Resident population (November 2010)

Household population (end of 2010)


Per square public

In the population density







Xiufeng District





Fold color area





Like mountains





Seven Star District





Yanshan District





Yangshuo County





Linggui District





Lingchuan County





Quanzhou County





Xing'an County





Yongfu County





Guanyang County





Longsheng ethnic autonomous county





Resources County





Pingle County





Lipu County





Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County





Political profile

Communist Party of China Guilin Committee

Secretary: Zhao Yue Qin

Deputy Secretary : Tang Congyuan , Shi Donglong

Guilin Municipal People 's Congress Standing Committee

Director: Zhao Leqin [15] 

Guilin Municipal People 's Government

Mayor: Tang Congyuan

Executive Vice Mayor: Qin Chuncheng [16] 

CPPCC Guilin Committee

Chairman: Su Zenglin

Economic profile


Regional GDP in 2012 was 149.25 billion yuan, up 13.3 percent. Agricultural added value of 27.451 billion yuan, up 6.6%; above-scale industrial added value of 49.481 billion yuan, an increase of 24.5%; the tertiary industry added value of 52.26 billion yuan, an increase of 9.2%. The total investment in fixed assets was 146.64 billion yuan, up 28.2 percent. Organizational fiscal revenue of 16.356 billion yuan, an increase of 15.2%. The balance of loans of banking financial institutions was 105.315 billion yuan, up by 16.1%. Urban residents per capita disposable income of 22,300 yuan, an increase of 12.2%; farmers per capita net income of 7328 yuan, an increase of 15.9%. Urbanization rate of 41.8%. [17] 

The total industrial added value of the scale of industrial added value of 60.199 billion yuan, an increase of 18.8%; the total industrial value of industrial enterprises increased by 10.8 billion yuan, an increase of 10.3% ; The total retail sales of social consumer goods 604.03 billion yuan, up 12.6%; per capita disposable income of urban residents 24552 yuan, the per capita net income of farmers 8361 yuan, an increase of 10.1%, 14.1%; consumer prices rose 2.5%. [18] 

In 2014, the GDP of the region was 182.71 billion yuan, up by 8 percent, of which the added value of the primary industry was 32.31 billion yuan, up by 4.9 percent, the added value of the secondary industry was 86.51 billion yuan, up by 9.9 percent, the added value of the tertiary industry was 63.89 billion yuan, The growth of social consumer goods 68.29 billion yuan, an increase of 13.1%; urban residents per capita disposable income of 26,811 yuan, an increase of 6.3 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2%; the total investment in fixed assets 1645.3 billion yuan, an increase of 18.3% 9.2%, the per capita net income of farmers 9431 yuan, an increase of 12.8%; consumer prices rose 2%; urbanization rate reached 45.6%; million yuan GDP energy consumption fell 3.5%, emission reduction targets to complete the task of the autonomous region. [19] 

Pillar industry

Industry mainly to microelectronics, rubber, medicine as the pillar, and the establishment of the Guilin National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone . [9] 


In 2013, the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery in Guilin was 43.274 billion yuan, an increase of 6.8% over the previous year. Agricultural output value of 6.24 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2%; forestry output value of 2.68 billion yuan, an increase of 6.0%; agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industry output value of 11.25 Billion yuan, an increase of 6.2%.

The total area of crops in 2012 was 679,200 hectares, an increase of 2.6 per cent. Among them, the grain sown area of 377,900 hectares, an increase of 1.2%; economic crop sown area of 64,000 hectares, an increase of 8.1%; other crops sown area of 237,200 hectares, an increase of 3.5%. On the basis of stable food production, non-grain crop acreage continues to expand. The output of major agricultural products increased steadily. Annual total grain output of 199.47 million tons, an increase of 5.0%. Total fruit output of 3.0733 million tons, an increase of 8.6%; vegetable production of 3.5650 million tons, an increase of 4.7%.

The total output of meat in 2012 was 522,900 tons, up by 4.8 percent; the number of live pigs was 424.69 million, up by 4.9 percent; poultry slaughter 116.445 million, up 4.1 percent. Aquatic product output 10.16 million tons, an increase of 6.0%.

The main crops and cash crops are: rice, mangosteen, bamboo, citrus, grapefruit, horseshoe, sweet potato and so on. Development of a number of ginkgo, chestnut, Shatian pomelo, kumquat, sweet potato and other cash crops, with lean meat, high value-added aquatic products, bamboo and vegetables and other bases.


In 2013, the city's total industrial output value of 191.711 billion yuan, an increase of 20.1%, profits and taxes 23.74 billion yuan, industrial economic efficiency index increased by 7.5 percentage points. Jun Tai Fu Electric "green energy and smart grid industrial park" and other 21 major industrial projects completed and put into production. Electronic information, medicine and biological products, advanced equipment manufacturing, eco-food four major industries accounted for the proportion of total industrial output value of 47.5%, up 2 percentage points; new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industry output exceeded 45 billion yuan, growth 20%. Among them, medicine and biological products and other three industries grew to 10 billion yuan industry, the city's super-billion industry to reach 9; wind energy and other new energy construction projects accounted for half of the region. [20] 

According to the growth rate of industrial enterprises in 2012, the output value of industrial enterprises in the scale was RMB149.04 billion yuan, up by 30.5% over the previous year. The output value of scale industrial sales was 152.505 billion yuan, up by 27.3 percent; the product sales rate was 96.1 percent, up by 1.3 percentage points over the previous year. Above-scale industrial enterprises profit and loss after the total profit of 16.677 billion yuan.

Guilin is a better emerging industrial city. Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Group produced the production of watermelon frost series of products, Guilin South Rubber Group production torch brand tires, Guilin wire and cable international group produced by the mountains and the licensing of wire and cable series, Guilin Daewoo Bus Co., Ltd. production of large luxury bus Selling at home and abroad. [twenty one] 

Construction industry

2012 added value of the construction of the whole society 11.191 billion yuan, according to comparable prices, an increase of 16.6%. With the qualification level of the general contracting and professional contracting construction enterprises to achieve total output value of 19.758 billion yuan, an increase of 18.7%. Construction enterprises housing construction area of 16.554 million square meters, up 13.3% over the previous year, completed area of 4.4513 million square meters, down 5.4%. [twenty two] 


In 2012, the total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 53.635 billion yuan, up 16.0 percent over the previous year.

According to the statistics of the operation, the total retail sales of urban consumer goods was 44.653 billion yuan, up by 15.9%; the total retail sales of rural consumer goods reached 8.882 billion yuan, up by 16.4%. According to consumption patterns, retail sales of goods 44.871 billion yuan, an increase of 14.4%; food income of 8.764 billion yuan, an increase of 25.5%. In the retail sales of enterprises above the quota, the automobile increased by 28.1%, the petroleum and products increased by 24.0%, the content of newspapers and magazines increased by 17.7%, the value of cultural office supplies increased by 17.5%, the consumption of Chinese and Western medicines increased by 17.3%, food, Alcohol and tobacco increased by 17.2%, cosmetics category increased by 16.7%, daily necessities increased by 11.3%, gold and silver jewelry increased by 10.5%, clothing, shoes and hats, needle textiles increased by 9.5%.

In 2012, the total import and export volume of foreign trade (customs) was US $ 975 million, up by 1.8% over the previous year. Among them, exports 789 million US dollars, up 10.0%; imports 186 million US dollars, down 22.5% over the previous year.

In 2012, 415 new projects were signed, with a total investment of 48.647 billion yuan, an increase of 4.3% over the previous year. The implementation of the city outside the city in 2012 there are 812 projects in place, the city outside the funds 54.218 billion yuan, up 10.3% over the previous year, of which 51.8 billion yuan in place outside the capital, an increase of 14.4%.

Guilin City, the existing types of commercial wholesale, more than 450 retail centers, business and catering service network more than 25,000, the formation of state-owned, collective, private, foreign, individual and other economic components and various forms of commercial circulation pattern. [twenty three] 

Social cause

Science and Technology

2012, there are 14 independent scientific research institutes, state-owned units of scientific and technical personnel 86000 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 71505 people, the annual implementation of science and technology projects 677, of which 210 national level, 341 autonomous regions, municipal 126 items. Completed 128 scientific and technological achievements throughout the year, winning 30 items. Won the scientific and technological progress awards 68, of which 38 autonomous regions, municipal 30. Above the county government departments more than 30 research and development institutions, in the application of optoelectronic technology, new materials, biotechnology, fine chemicals and other fields. There are state-level high-tech industrial development zones , more than 400 Chinese and foreign enterprises in the region to invest.

2012 signed 48 technical registration contracts, the contract registered 17.05 million yuan, 2386 patent applications, 1250 patents granted. [twenty four] 


In 2012, Guilin has 9 ordinary colleges and universities, 6390 full-time teachers, 155217 students in school, then recruit students 54290, then 38504 students. There are 216 secondary schools, 15624 full-time teachers, 68210 full-time students, 198844 students, 66541 graduates; of which 160 ordinary junior high school, full-time teachers 10547 people, then enrollment 44393 people, 128,945 students, graduates 43194 people. There are 1168 primary schools, 18958 full-time teachers, then enrollment 58,670 people, 303836 students in school, graduates 44712 people.

Guilin primary school net enrollment rate of 99.8%, primary school graduation rose junior high school reached 100%. There are 55 schools and 26435 students. There are 6 special education schools, 1116 students in school, 108 full-time teachers. There are kindergartens (not including nursery) 664, full-time teachers 5026 people, then in the garden children 151805 people. During the year to participate in higher education self-examination 8616 people. In 1997, the enrollment rate of children aged in Guilin reached 99.3%. [twenty four] 

Major schools in Guilin
Ordinary institutions of higher learningDemonstrative focus on high schoolSecondary vocational colleges
Guangxi Normal University

Guilin Middle School

Guangxi Commercial Senior Technical School

Guilin University of Electronic TechnologyGuilin City 18th Middle SchoolGui Lin Electronic secondary specialized schools
Guilin University of TechnologyAffiliated Middle School of Guangxi Normal UniversityGuilin Vocational Education Center School

Guilin Medical College

Foreign Language School Affiliated to Guangxi Normal UniversityGui Lin advanced technical schools
Guilin Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsGongcheng secondary schoolGuilin Financial and Trade Management Cadre Secondary School
Guilin Tourism InstitutePingle Middle SchoolGuilin Traffic Technical School
Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal UniversityQuanzhou High SchoolGuangxi Urban Construction Management School
School of Information Science and Technology, Guilin University of Electronic TechnologyXing'an Middle SchoolGuilin Health School
Guilin University of Science and TechnologyLingui secondary schoolGuilin Industrial Secondary School
Guilin Teachers' CollegeLingchuan middle school
Guilin Landscape Vocational CollegeGuanyang County High School
Guangxi Academy of Fine Arts Guilin Chinese Painting InstituteYangshuo Middle School

Lipu secondary school

Cultural career

In 2011, there were 15 performing arts groups, 10 cultural centers, 119 cultural stations, 13 public libraries, and the city library information has access to the information superhighway . Radio coverage 95%, TV coverage of 20%.

medical hygiene

2011 there are various types of medical and health institutions 849, 12,200 beds, health and technical personnel 1.283 million people. Health and epidemic prevention, prevention and control institutions 16, health and technical personnel 619 people. Have a body CT, ultrasonic instrument and a number of advanced equipment.

Three first class hospitalThree B and other hospitalsSecond class hospital
Guilin People 's HospitalGuilin Fifth People 's HospitalGuilin Stomatological HospitalQuanzhou County People 's Hospital
Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical College
Guilin Third People 's HospitalQuanzhou County Hospital
Nanxi Mountain Hospital (the Second People's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region)
Guilin Sixth People's Hospital (Guilin Railway Hospital)Xing'an County People 's Hospital
People 's Liberation Army No.18 Hospital
Guilin No. 7 People's Hospital (Guilin Diaoshan Hospital)Lingchuan County People 's Hospital
Guilin Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Guilin Ninth People's Hospital (Railway Hospital)Lingchuan County Hospital
Guilin Women's and Children's Hospital (Guilin Red Cross Pok Oi Hospital, Guilin Fourth People's Hospital)
Guilin Medical College Affiliated Hospital Lingui Branch (Lingui County People's Hospital)Resources County People 's Hospital
Guilin Second People 's Hospital
Yongfu County People 's HospitalPingle County People 's Hospital

Lipu County People 's HospitalLipu County People 's Hospital

Xing'an County Hospital of Traditional Chinese MedicineYangshuo County People's Hospital

Yongfu County Hospital

physical education

Guilin has a higher level of sports. Skills, gymnastics, weightlifting, diving and other projects over the years for the national and regional transport 600 elite athletes, including Wang Weijian , Yan Weixia, Mo Huilan , Li Ting and other world famous athletes. In 1994 by the autonomous region named gymnastics city. Guilin has more than 1,000 sports venues, amateur sports school more than 10, can hold a variety of international and domestic individual competition. In all kinds of sports competitions, Guilin nationality athletes have won five world championships, 54 international (Asian) champion, 168 national champion. [25] 


Guilin city environmental quality in the country's 46 key cities comprehensive evaluation for five consecutive years ranked first. In 2011, Guilin forest coverage rate of 69.05%, urban ambient air quality to meet or better than the national two standards, is the best air quality inland city. Air quality and good rate, drinking water quality compliance rate, urban water functional area water quality compliance rate has always maintained 100%, garbage harmless treatment rate in recent years also maintained 100%, sewage treatment rate ranked the forefront of the country. Guilin in China's urban quality of life ranked No. 15 in China's top ten most happy city list, Guilin ranked sixth. [14] 

After the large-scale transformation of Guilin, urban infrastructure is improving. There are 5 large and medium-sized water plant, water supply 90.38 million square meters. To the end of 2003, Guilin has sewage treatment plant 4, the annual sewage treatment capacity of 65.15 million tons. Guilin city green coverage rate reached 41.68%, per capita park green area of 11.44 square meters, the whole city for the world to show the "city in the scene, King in the city, the city blend" unique style.



Guilin main motorway States High Springs South Expressway (Quanzhou - Nanning), Airport Expressway (Guilin - Liangjiang International Airport), high country including Mao highway Guilin Wuzhou Section (Guilin - Wuzhou) and Guilin Ring Expressway The There are also high -speed highway built in the country high- Xiamen Expressway Gui three sections (Guilin - Sanjiang). Other major highways are Guilin - Yangshuo, Xing'an - Guanyang, Guanyang - Gongcheng, Lingchuan - fair highway and so on.

The road leading to all over Guangxi and neighboring provinces, State Road 322,321 line through the territory, of which 322 lines in the city has been transformed into high-grade highways. Has a Guihuang a highway, Guiyang two highway and a number of highway networks, to achieve 100% of the township opened to traffic. [26] 


Xianggui Railway

Xianggui Railway from the northeast to the southwest by the Xianggui corridor runs through Guilin, after the whole state , Xing'an , Lingchuan , Guilin city, Lingui , Yongfu and other places, is the main artery of Guilin traffic. Xianggui Railway north of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Jiao Liu Railway , west of Guizhou and Guangxi railway , south Luozha railway . Xianggui Railway Guilin station , commonly known as the South Railway Station, is currently the most important passenger train station in Guilin, the station in 2005 renovation, reception and handling capacity greatly strengthened; another Guilin North Station , commonly known as the North Station (train station, Guilin North I field), is currently expanding, after the expansion of the balance of the willow field and your square, the scale of 9 stations 16 18 lines (including Heng Liu, down the line). Between the two stations in northern Guangxi freight station (Guilin North II field), bear the Xianggui railway part of the cargo transit and part of the vehicle deployment and grouping. Xiangjiang Railway Lingchuan to Ertang for the two-lane electrification line (Ling Second Ring Road), the remaining sections for the single-line non-electrified lines. As the existing railway Hunan, Guangxi, for the single, non-electrified railway, built at the same time it is outside the winding and Xiang-Gui railway freight and Xiang-Gui railway Hengyang Liuzhou section to approximately the same value Liuzhou railway , and the New Guilin West Station (Guiguang Positive line).

Hengliu high-speed rail

That is, Hunan-Guangxi railway expansion project Hengyang to Liuzhou section, north of Hengyang City, Hunan Province, and Beijing-Guangzhou passenger line line , by Yongzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Guilin, south of Liuzhou City, and Liu Nan passenger line , A total length of 497.9 km, Yongzhou (inclusive) above for the jurisdiction of the Guangzhou Railway Group, the following Nanning Railway Bureau jurisdiction, December 26, 2013 opening operation. The line for the new national I-class two-lane electrified railway, Yongzhou to Guilin section of the design speed of 200km / h, long-term reserve 250km / h speed conditions, the remaining sections of the design speed of 250km / h, and the existing Xianggui Railway to form a three-line pattern.

Expensive high iron

Design speed of 250km / h and set the speed conditions, the use of CTCS-2 line control. Guilin is located in the territory of five-station , Guilin West Railway Station , Guilin North Station (not Guiguang positive line through the contact line connected thereto), Yangshuo station , Gongcheng station five stations, and for the city of Guilin North Station Inner-originated / terminal bus terminal, Guilin West Railway Station as the city's passenger station.


Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is the largest civil aviation in Guangxi

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport

Airport, covering 4.06 square kilometers, construction area of 150,000 square meters, the concrete paving area of 550,000 square meters. Flight area rating of 4F, runway length 3200m, width 75m, will build a second terminal. The design of annual flight capacity of 42,000, with international and domestic routes 52, 21 airlines flying Guilin airport, navigable 45 domestic cities, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Japan Fukuoka, Seoul, South Korea, Bangkok, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . [27-28] 

May 2014 Guilin and Hainan Airlines Group set up the "Guilin Airlines" to implement the first flight, 3 years to reach the size of 30 aircraft.

water transport

Waterways are Xiangjiang River and Lijiang River, along the Lijiang River by Wuzhou associated with the Pearl River, direct access to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao.

Guangxi 11 inland ports, Guilin port is the only one to passenger-oriented port, so we Guilin Xijiang golden waterway construction, to combine the characteristics of Guilin, in line with the state of Guilin's positioning. Guilin Golden Waterway Office prepared a "Guilin harbor overall planning", Guilin, Hong Kong is a city planning area (Guilin city center), 12 counties (districts) ( Yangshuo , Pingle, resources, statewide, Yongfu, Lingchuan, (Lijiang River, Lijiang River, Xiangjiang River, Luo River, Peach Blossom River), two (Lijiang River tributary Yulong River, Gan Tangjiang ), Four lakes (wooden dragon lake, Guihu, Ronghu, fir Lake), a library ( Qingshitan reservoir ). [27] 

Posts and Telecommunications

Local telecommunications power grid all built, program-controlled telephone coverage Guilin and counties, all opened a mobile phone, computer Internet business. Local postal formation of the postal service as the main body, financial and philatelic business as the support, information class to supplement the diversified postal service system. Guilin 22 postal savings outlets and 31 provinces and cities across the country more than 50 city computer center host network operation. [27] 


Cultural card

Guilin historical and cultural city of the seven major characteristics of culture: to Zengpi rock ruins as the representative of the prehistoric culture; to Lingqu represented by the ancient military water culture; Guihai Forest of Stone Tablets as the representative of the cliff stone and landscape poetry culture; Jingjiang Wangfu, Wang Ling as the representative of the Ming Dynasty fan king culture; to the Southwest drama as the representative of the anti-war culture; to the Eighth Route Army Guilin office site and the Red Army Long March breakthrough Shangjiang martyrs monument Park as the representative of the Chinese revolutionary culture; Li Zongren residence and residence, Xu Beihong House as the representative of the celebrity home culture.

Guilin has formed tourism industry, cultural and entertainment, cultural tourism, foreign cultural exchanges and other eight major categories of cultural industries, with "impression of Liu Sanjie", Yuzi Paradise, five farmers to draw three national cultural industry demonstration base. In 2011, Guilin won the "most Chinese cultural city" honorary title.

Cultural heritage

Language: Southwest Mandarin - Gui Liu words - Guilin dialect, Guilin dialect, a few northern Guangxi Zhuang language .

Guangxi drums: pay attention to shelf work, performance chic and neat, hard and soft have caused.

Gui opera : Guilin local opera, Guangxi representative of one of the operas.

Guangxi Wen field : composed of singing and instrumental music.

Nuo opera: also known as the drama. Is in the exorcism dance (commonly known as jumping God) developed on the basis of.

Guilin folk songs : linked to the labor of the song song (fishing song), folk songs; and the people linked to the dragon boat song, song Lang, the best man song.

Color tones: commonly known as tone, color tone, lanterns, which ho hi so, is a light system.

Guilin acrobatics: the