The Bund

The Bund is located in the Huangpu District of Shanghai and lies on the bank of the Huangpu River. It is one of the most impressive sights in Shanghai. Its surroundings include the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Jin Mao Tower, which is the landmark of this most prosperous city. It is a popular spot in Shanghai for tourists. The Bund has another name as known to be East 1 Zhongshan Road, with a total length of 1.5 kilometers. It starts from the southern end of Yan’an East Road and ends at the northern end of Waibaidu Bridge. On its east side flows the famous Huangpu River and on the west side is the famous financial and social area from the old Shanghai. The buildings feature the Gothic style, the Roman style, the baroque style and other Chinese-European style, so this area has a nickname of ‘museum of buildings’.

Standing on the Bund, you can have a grand view of the heart of Shanghai. You felt immersed in the financial and business center of this metropolis. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Jin Mao Tower is just in front of your eyes, both of which form the skyline of Shanghai. At the first sight of these sights, you may have a feeling as same as that you’re watching Manhattan.

To the west of this stretch of the road stands some 52 buildings of various styles, Chinese and Western, modern and classic, forming a complex of buildings, which is often referred as “museum of buildings”. You can feel the combination of the history and modern times. You also can find the image of the post modernism. All of the mixtures of Chinese and European styles are in the Bund. You just can’t miss it!


  • Location: 
    No.411 East Shandong Road Number One, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

  • Admission Fee: 

  • Opening Hour: 
    All day

  • How to get there:
    Take metro line 2, line 10 and get off at South Nanjing Road Station
    Take bus 33, 37, 55, 65, 147, 305, 307, 317, 330, 805, 921 and get off at East Shandong Road Number East Nanjing Road Station


  • Recommended stay hour: 1 to 2 hours;

  • There are a lot of well-known international brands in the Bund;

  • One is recommended to tour by sightseeing tunnel;

  • Peripheral hot spots: Nanjing Road (600m), Chenghuang Temple (1km), People’s Square (1.5km), Oriental Pearl Tower (900m).